Kneading dough.Hi! I’m Ruth. I like music, hot coffee, cooking, and crosswords. I’m originally from Seattle, but recently relocated to Toronto because I married a Canadian boy. I’m a professional harpist and an amateur home cook. Cook Til Delicious is my attempt to document home food experiments and share some of my favorite recipes.

Why Cook Til Delicious?

The blog name was inspired by what my husband (also an avid home cook) often says when I ask him how he made something (“I just cook it…til it’s delicious…”). The phrase also sums up my home cooking philosophy: use a recipe or not — but always taste, adjust, improvise, and cook til delicious!

Foods I find delicious: mushrooms, eggs, salmon, freshly baked bread, dark chocolate, pretzels, wontons/dumplings/wrapped foods, brussels sprouts, coffee, sushi, flaky sea salt, oatmeal raisin cookies, daikon radish

Foods I find less delicious: green peas, taro, red bean paste, bananas

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